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Fast, Loud, In your face Punk Rock and Roll. Hailing from Northern California The Losing Kind is returning Punk rock back to its roots. You will find no crazy gimmicks here. It is what it is. Frank Bera, Joe Edwards, And Cary Humphries are continuing their brand and style of music from the days of old. " We are a live band that can record great music" pretty much sums it up. This Trio is not to be missed on the live circuit and a must have on your Rock and Roll playlist. In 2018 The Losing Kind released their debut EP and will be heading back to the studio in 2019 for a full length release. 2018 proved to be a banner year for TLK sharing the stage with the likes of the U.S. Bombs, Michale Graves, Total Chaos, Guttermouth, United Defiance, and others. They show no signs of slowing down in 2019 with shows booked with D.R.I., The Exploited, U.S. Bombs, and many more to come. Booking- Gasshouse Entertainment @ 707.365.8041 

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